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. governor brown signed the law sunday. it will close a loophole in current law that holds limo operators, but not charter buses responsible for underaged drinking. >> we hope by standing here today through our efforts over the past two years, we can prevent another tragedy from occurring. >> reporter: party bus customers will need adult chaperone onboard. bus companies will be subject to a $,000 fine, license suspension or revocation if they do not comply. >> this build holds limousines and party buses accountable for underaged drinking. >> reporter: in his absence brett's parents know their son is helping save lives. >> that's the bittersweet part. we feel his presence everyday right now and he's gonna make a difference. >> reporter: in addition to the legislation the studebakers set up a collarship fund in emeryville in their son's name. sort -- two told celebration they say although bittersweet. the law goes into effect january 1st of next year. kira klapper, abc7 news. >>> in contra costa county traffic still moving slowly on aeeway reports of a body on southbound 680 treat boulevard
ever since. >> [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: she and her sister-in-law searched the beach for hours, deep into the dark of last night. >> the family says the carpenter and his friends all knew how to swim. >> still keep hope for our family i am >> reporter: in the midst of the hope she spent a sleepless night and waits for good news with her 7-year-old daughter. >> come home. my daughter and me waiting for him. >> reporter: the family will be back out today near where the boat capsized. they tell me they will search for him for as long as it takes to find him. kira klapper, abc7 news. >>> crews are mopping up after a big rig fire at the port of oakland this morning. is what was left of the big rig it caught fire 7 a.m. crews put the fire out quickly but it caused a traffic jam and slowed work at the port thick black smoke could be seen for miles no one hurt, no word on cause. >>> supporters of california's ban on same-sex marriage will have to wait long ter to find out what the supreme court is going to do. the court released a list of cases it will not consider between now and june
surrendered peacefully to san jose police tonight following a two-hour standoff at a law office. late this afternoon the man described as being distraught and actingy rad lickly -- erratically entered with a happened gun. all employees got out safely. police are trying to figure out exactly why this happened. >>> a walnut creek woman sexually abused by two moraga middle school teachers in the 1990s is now suing the school district and former administrators. she says they ignored signs of abuse years before she was targeted allowing more students to become victims. leslie brinkley is here now with her story. leslie? >> that's right, kristen filed the lawsuit in superior court against the moraga school district and several retired administrators for as she said turning a blind eye to sexual abuse and letting etch tooers to prey on students. she shared the letter that triggered her filing the lawsuit this week. >> it took the air out of my lungs. i felt i couldn't breathe. >> in the letter dated june 12th, the moraga middle school student outlined being abused by a teacher. >> they knew
. governor brown signed a law today that could dramatically change the way that we use freeway and even park our cars. of business technology reporter david lou has the story. >> this new breed of car appears destined for california roads in just a few years. goggle has been testing a fleet of prius hybrid drive themselves self using accepts ors radar and gps satellite navigation. governor brown arrived at the google plex in one of the self driving cars and said he was impressed. >> today we are looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow reality. self driving cars. >>reporter: he was there to sign a bill authored by state senator padilla that will set regular litigation for making them street legal. >> we can save lives. we can create jobs. and ease congestion and reduce emission in the process that's a dream bill. whether an engineer or a politician. >> about 40,000 americans are killed yearly in auto accident accidents. engineers are cop convinced self driving cars will reduce those numbers. jobs will be created to develop the navigation sensors and other technology. freeway wil
late. doesn't have any where to go. so many bikes. breaking the law and treating me like i'm the bad guy. in texas we shot your bleep. is that legal? see that? no. nothing you can do. it happens once a month. i wish i would have known that when i bought tickets. happens to be the 20th anniversary. so probably worse tonight than others. bleep. >> some of the sights sounds at one point temper blue and rider reaches in the car and eventually gets out. whole thing last add couple of minutes. nobody seemed hurt although very from us stated. go to kyra on the ground with the driver eye view of the situation and we are tracking her movement along with some other drivers on our exclusive ways app. kyra coming us through cell 7 using cell phone technology hi kyra. >>reporter: hi dan. we are here at market and seventh where lit relevant thousands upon thousands of cyclist have come to a stop. look at this they are looking at some sort of show on the side of the building above do nut world. circus d'soleil performance and literally stopped all of the city of san francisco here off
. it features a woman in addition to boy. women appear infrequently across saudi arabia. strict laws require women to cover most of their bodies in public. >> carolyn: we want to share very cool images. our photographer capres she is going shots of dolphins ridg the waves north of half moon bay. you can see they seem to be enjoying the surf today. it was especially warm out there. we can see why. >> dan: warm weather and still steamy in many parts of the bay area. >> we're in for a mild to warm night. a as we head into tomorrow, i want to show you a photo. this was sent to us by a viewer. bay farm island in alameda. you can see the sun was glowing there was absolutely gorgeous. hot day today and we are headed for another hot one as we head into tomorrow. get ready for that as we check out right now, live doppler 7 hd. you'll see what is happening. there is a few clouds out there. not anything in the form of fog, but higher clouds, well off the coastline. we're not expecting any fog anytime soon. clear and mild tonight. warm to hot tomorrow and much cooler weather is headed our way for the re
domestic terrori, somee set fire to the private law office of vmz's mayor over the weekend. we obtained video inside the office and carolyn tyler with the latest on the investigation. >> the attempt to intimidate or to instill fear has failed. repoer: vallejo mayor cas the tchinof his law ofce malicious and cowardly act. fire occurred around 1:30 saturday morning leaving the building of burned out a shell. accos this is the latest in a string of attacks. at this office and at his home, including someone breaking windows, dumping trash and stealing his motorcycle from city hall. >> i will say that the number of acts of vandalism i have been subjected to over the recent past causes me to believe that this incident is related to my position as mayor and not as my position as an attorney. >> reporter: neither the mayor nor investigators will publicly speculate about why he is being targeted. davis has recently been confronted with anger over several officer involved shootings in the city and he last called on the attorney general to investigate. residents supported him. >> i think he is res
hall. that law also requires that he be released at the age of 21. laura anthony, abc7 news. >>> in san mateo concerned parents demanded answers of police and school district officials after a 9-year-old girl was kidnapped from campus and molested. terry mcsweeney joins us live where a crowded meeting just got out. >> reporter: crowded and very emotional. cameras were not allowed in. it was very, very emotional and the emotional peak occurred when the parents of the 9-year-old girl who was molested and kidnapped if parkside last friday got up to speak talking about needing changes going forward and wondering why changes hadn't been made already. >> it is always emotional when you hear the parents speak. obviously, the emotions of what could have happened something much more tragic. >> reporter: 150 concerned parents came with questions for the deputy and school district superintendent. >> i have two children that go to school here. my husband came and picked them up from school that afternoon and he had no clue that happened. we didn't find out until 5:30 in the evening. >> it was impor
member of the oakland a's rs l. >> oakland a's pitcher dallas braiden taking on the law in the hometown of stockton. >> at anti-violence rally called by police yesterday he called the chief jones a liar for telling residents the police are doing everything they can to reign in the city gang violence. >> sites bad he's taking his grandmother and leaving town. >> told me the only bit of advice they could give me now to protect myself as two take my grandmother and to move. they told me unless i'm shooting or unless they are shooting at me, they just don't come. we have no other choice. arm yourself or get out. wild west boys in blue out gunned. >> stockton rank as second most violent city in the state and tenth most violent in the entire country snachlt let's hope braid ennis bringing the passion to the field. >> larry is here with sports. >> dallas is very passionate no doubt about that. in football the real refs returning to the nfl. they get a hero welcome. also stanford trying to stay unbeaten. rough tonight for unbeaten. rough tonight for josh. sports is next >> good evening.
the same then at the same store earlier. the 10-year-old is staying with her grandmother. the father-in-law believes the woman is heading to wyoming. >>> this afternoon an elementary school principal charged with sellingthue back in court. lewis made his first court appearance monday he's the principal of montague elementary in santa clara. police say he offered drugs to an undercover officer. at his home officers found meth, date rape drug ghb and almost a dozen hidden cameras, including one in a teddy bear. >>> right now, ribbon-cutting ceremony at a new pedestrian overcrossing bridge in south san jose. a spot where a toddler was killed trying to cross the train track as long monterey road in 2005. the 2-year-old boy was with a babysitter and three other children when that accident happened. they were on their way to mcdonald's using a shortcut across the tracks. the pedestrian bridge has been named standers acrossing after -- named standers crossing . >>> >> reporter: you can take a class on cycling behind us right now you can see the students and professor henderson on their bikes about
club secretary and a 60-year-old marathoner and a recent law school graduate. >>> a miami man is furious after his dog died on a cross country flight. in august michael and his dog bam-bam hoped on a flight to san francisco with a stopover in houston. united offers a program with perm handling for pets and air conditioning for the layovers. in houston they had a two-hour layover and he noticed bam-bam. >> we could see him, and he was so hot. his tong was like hanging down. >> bam-bam died on the flight to sfo. united performed a necropsy and said he died of a heart attack. jarvo wants the airline to be more clear about what to expect when people fly with their pets. >>> in a tv interview, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger says his affair with a housekeeper was, quote, the stupidest thing i have done. he is making the media rounds to promote his new auto-biography called total recall. his wife confronted him in a counseling session the day after he left office. schwarzenegger admits he did wrong. >> i think it is the stupidest thing i have done in the whole relat
. tonight the private information is a little bit safer thanks to law signed today by governor brown. the governor signed a pair of new privacy bills making it illegal for employers and colleges to ask for user names and pass words. it revents employers from asking for your face book or other social media pass words so that they can checkup on you. restriction do not aplay to employer issued electronic devices say if your company gives awe phone. >>> mo morgan hill police looking for mother writ now who they say believe it or in the abandoned her 10-year-old daughter at grocery store. police tell us the 38-year-old woman of morgan hill filled a shopping cart with grocery at safeway 8 days a. she told her did you tell us to wait by the exit with the cart until she drove up in the car. 10-year-old was supposed to push the cart out of the store as soon as she saw her mom pulling in. when she did store employee were talking to the daughter and taking off. >> it's disheartening for us as law enforcement officers to see this. see a child used in any crime much less just a theft. lucki
,000. >> yes. all right sandy. >> still to come. credit card penalty against stay at home moms and new law that is going to fix that. >> plus the world shortage of pork and bacon next year now appears unavoidable. who is saying this? and why. 7 news at 9 continues and why. 7 news at 9 continues right after this >> help is on the way for stay at home parents denied credit card because 3 don't have income of their own. in the next couple month the protection bury propose a rule to make it applicant without personal income to gulf for credit cards vl recent law intended to prevent card issuers from giving people more credit than they could reasonably handle. it stipulated that credit card company had to look at individual income rather than household income. it was quickly stay at home penalty. but it's changing. free checking more expensive than ever. according to the wall street journal to the avoid a monthly fee customers must now keep average balance of 7 23 dollars in the checking accoun account. that's 23 percent more than last year. and those paying for account are paying mor
to apologize to the family but they didn't want to hear it. he will be sentenced next month but juvenile law says he must be released by the age of 21. >> a serious crash tonight, they were chasing a car full of suspected robbers when the car slammed into a minivan and struck another vehicle before coming to a stop. the woman driving the minivan had to be cut out of the vehicle she is now in emergency surgery. they took all three into custody and two were injured in the crash. >>> in san mateo today, parents fired questions at police and school district officials after a nine-year-old girl was molested and kidnapped last week. terry mcsweeney has more from parkside elementary school with changes the school is putting into place. >> i have two children that go to school here my husband came and picked them up from school that afternoon. he had no clue that even happened. we didn't find out until 5:30 in the evening. >> it was important with the information that was put out to the families was correct and accurate. so we waited until we had correct information and released it with the police d
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14